Research Theme:

DICCCOL: Dense Individualized and Common Connectivity-based Cortical Landmarks (http://dicccol.cs.uga.edu/)


Is there a common structural and functional cortical architecture that can be quantitatively encoded and precisely reproduced across individuals and populations? This question is still largely unanswered due to the vast complexity, variability, and nonlinearity of the cerebral cortex.

In this project, we hypothesize that the common cortical architecture can be effectively represented by group-wise consistent structural fiber connections and take a novel data-driven approach to explore the cortical architecture. We aim to discover a dense and consistent map of cortical landmarks, named Dense Individualized and Common Connectivity-based Cortical Landmarks (DICCCOLs), each of which is defined by group-wise consistent white-matter fiber connection patterns derived from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data. The neuroscience basis is that each brain’s cytoarchitectonic area has a unique set of extrinsic inputs and outputs, called as connectional fingerprint, which largely determine the function that each brain area performs. The connectional fingerprint concept is modeled by fiber bundles that are quantitatively described by our trace-map models, such that quantitative description and comparison of fiber patterns within and across individuals can be effectively performed.

This theme of research aims to discover and validate large-scale cortical landmarks with finer granularity, better functional homogeneity, more accurate functional localization, and automatically-established cross-subjects correspondence. Eventually, we hope the DICCCOL system and its prediction framework will facilitate many neuroscience and neuroimaging applications that rely on structural/functional correspondences across individuals, and the DICCCOL map will offer a generic platform to compare and integrate neuroimaging data across individuals and populations.

In addition, based on DICCCOL, we design computational approaches to detect the dynamically changing higher-order functional interactions among structural connectomes, quantitatively characterize these time-dependent functional connectome dynamics and their representative patterns, and elucidate the entire state spaces of the functional connectomes transitions. We are also very interested in the fundamental driving forces and mechanisms of these temporally-changing brain states transitions. We hope this theme of research can contribute to deeper understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of the functioning brain.

Representative Publications:

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