Axonal Pushing Theory of Cortical Folding


Research Theme:

Axonal Pushing Theory of Cortical Folding.


Cortical folding and structural axonal fiber wiring are two prominent attributes of the cerebral cortex in primate brains. However, the intrinsic relationships between cortical folding and structural connection across primates remain unclear. Our qualitative and quantitative analyses consistently demonstrate that structural fiber connection pattern closely follows gyral folding pattern in both vertical direction and tangent direction to the cortical sphere. These findings suggest a hypothesis that axonal fiber pushing mechanism sculpts the curved patterns of gyri and sulci during primate brain development and evolution.

This theme of research aims to dissect the structural and functional connections between cortical gyri and sulci, and establish a fundamental theoretic framework that can consistently explain the intrinsic relationships amongst cortical folding patterns, structural connections, and functional interactions between gyri and sulci in primate cortices.

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